In this section let we also discussed a little bit lighten around the topics of business and finance solutions.  There is a chapter that deals with money, as such. Raises questions such as:

  • How the money arises? 
  • What is the money? 
  • Is still money the money? 
  • What does it mean when the money covers with gold/silver and what if not?
  • What is the value of the investment? How arises?
  • What is the market? Who or what is it? Who make it up?

And many other topics that I will complement progressively. My goal is to make articles more interesting, so that have been shedding light on certain historical ties, to capture and highlight the changes, that money is going through, how it changes over time, their perception of their value. What controls the world economy?

Now, so think of, it will be some lightweight themes? Well, I'll try to write in order that the reader rather enjoyed as an interesting book when the reading it he also get wind a lot of interesting and instructive. So it often will also be a little philosophical themes.





 Is the money still a money?


Here I begin by referring to the excellent book. Benjamin Kuraz in his book "The burial of the freedom" of their claim "money is not money" demonstrates the right at home the question: do you know what this means?

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Money. How did they arise?

The question is whether it someone really knows today. Adam Smith in his book "An Inquiry into the nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" in the part "Of the origin and use of the money," writes:

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