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 "Literacy is an individual's ability to read and write. Does not mean only the ability to identify individual letters or write simple words. Literacy is the ability to fluently read longer text, and in particular - the ability to understand the content. " So in brief about literacy talks to Wikipedia.

If I had to paraphrase this definition, it is possible to say that:

"Financial literacy is an individual's ability to understand the basic financial legality and in accordance with them ability to manage with financial means. Financial literacy is the ability In all circumstances know the implications and consequences of our decision at our own financial flows.”

Even if this isn't one of the best definitions, I'm sure that you can understand these some simple parallels and at least over their content you are able to think about. I believe that these pages can help you in these considerations and inspire you in many ways.

 And in the definitions, it worth here even more to continue:

In the book, Spontaneous evolution write by Bruce h. Liptona PhD, and Steve Bhaermana is given a nice definition of "Self-awareness ": The ability to self-awareness enables individuals to make aware of consequences of their actions, and not only those, that is reflected in the given time, but even the effects of their actions, that will be reflected in the future.

If we are talking about finances, could not be automatically this definition applied here too? I assume that you agree that Yes. But it is not so obvious, how could seem it at the first glance. This leads me to the paraphrasing of definition and DEFINE “FINANCIAL SELF-AWARENESS”. In short, the point is, SO THAT we were able to recognize and realise the consequences of our financial negotiations today with regard to the future implications and consequences.

Examples of "Financial self- unawareness" you know from the media and maybe even in your area. Rent for a nice vacation, or on Christmas gifts without forward, how the loan will be repaid in the future (and whether it will be available enough funds) creates a potential problem, often ending up by insolvency and personal bankruptcy. And it is not at all complicated and difficult to easily check, whether I am able to repay the financial loan and not to get into financial distress in the future. Is there any tool that can help us? YES. A simple calculator can show us the future state of our resources. And You can do it easily yourself. From here it is only a small step to ease control of our cash flow.

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