Financial literacy improves the performance of the company.

No one has any doubt about that, if you know the rules of any conduct, or activity, you can better and easier to oriented oneself and to achieve your’s goals. For example, when playing games. And it is the same also in the field of management of the company. If you know the rules, how the society works (how profits are counted, what is profitability, what is important for investors, how to properly deal with suppliers, etc.) together you participate on the total efforts of all people working in the company, who want to achieve some common goals with the best result. If the company is doing well, it can be expected that it will be good also its employees.


If you know the rules, you will also be able to better evaluate your own performance and see the paths, how to improve oneself. A company with a higher coefficient of financial intelligence also work better. Today, many companies are still controlled through politics and power. This method of work distracts management and managers from the actual needs and is necessary to ask oneself, whether by this way cover their obscure and small knowledge and their nonprofessional access. Such people are automatically surrounded by the group of flatterers, whisperer of gossip and those, who are trying to profit through this method, because they know, that their intelligence and knowledge are not the best. Now coming the situation when their Department, Division, or worse, the company actually are does not controlled, wallow in the details, and everyday routines, accuse their subordinates of incompetence, since the results are not what you would expect to find themselves, or are to be expected from them. It leads to situations in which the company left a really capable people. These are mostly the ones who oppose absurd practices and regulation. On the overall performance of the company it will shows very soon. The time on the remedy often is no longer available.

Financially intelligent managers formed a challenging and professional environment, and thus significantly contribute to better performance of the company. Thanks to its financial intelligence can receive far better decisions and are able to keep track of, whether the company is in the right section of their annual, or other economic period. Controls the resources more prudently, can dispose of prudently with financial information. So, contributing to the higher profitability of the company and improving its cash flow. If you understand the goals you want to achieve, and with own expertise working to achieve them, easily can to joint other people into these activities and achieving the objectives already not prevent anything.

Cooperation is always more demanding and difficult than individualism, but serves much better result. It's like an orchestra, and a musician. A single musician can play beautifully, but a well-coordinated Orchestra he cannot be cope. Also in the Orchestra must be very good musicians very well understating the own contribution to the total musical result.

And financial intelligence also makes it easier to control the well led by the company. There is no need to prepare plans for the level of detail. If you have a smart employee, you just need to set out the strategic objectives and the main indicators of the plan. How you can achieve it in many aspects you can leave on employees. You can't anticipate or describe all the situation and suddenly changes. Intelligent and educated people cope with them yourself. Do not be waiting for a decision "from the sky". But be careful about the anticipation of how much do your employees already know. Therefore, organize the regular training sessions and talk about things, that seems to be obvious. Often are people leading to embarrassment herewith that for us clear things they simply not know. Accepting additional information such it is not efficient.


The more the company teaches their employees the financial and other intelligence, the better he does. The more employees understand the business of the company and know its actual condition, the better the company thrive.