Why do I need financial literacy?

Maybe you're saying why should I need "financial literacy"? Moreover, the money's not after all everything in my life.

If we were to talk about the nature of things really seriously and without shortcuts, it would be probably created a book. But sure, we will not be doing it. It is sufficient to note that the world is constantly and rapidly changing. We are living in a very turbulent time, so we can expect a lot of changes at any moment and unexpected surprises.

The period from the year 2008 has been a period when began to fall many in the meantime, "the unquestionable truth" as for example:

  • real estate prices keep growing,
  • I'm not afraid, that I lose my job,
  • capable people are still missing,
  • as I am a high manager they cannot me just for the heck of it from day to day fire, etc.

 But maybe it was just your case. The day when you are faced with such a reality, you probably never forget. Especially, if it was your first experience.  

Although you can probably agree, that money is not all in your life, I guess none of us will also question it, that money affects everything important in our lives. If we realize this fact, then we have only a small step to begin interested about how the world of finance really works. Do we have possibility to influence this specific world in own benefit? Believe me.

Such possibility does exist. It is up to us whether we are willing to do anything for it and increase your financial literacy.