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Are you entrepreneur, or small or medium company? Do you plan start your own business? We believe, that even an managers and professionals of a big corporates can find at these sites many inspirations for his work.

 Then you are right here. I believe that you know how you have to drive your business and in terms of finance, you know about any penny, you must issue within your business, or you exactly know the time when you should have the money in your account from your customers.

 The world around us is changing rapidly. The world "globalization" and the last two the financial crisis in all areas of our lives and so in the economy also thus puts on a businesses significant claims, and it requires a specific approach to business activities, in particular to conducting business, or corporate finance.

 Especially in start-ups it is not unusual bankruptcy within roughly 5 years since the inception of the company. It can be fairly said that most start-ups fail. That's not very favourable news for many entrepreneurs, but old news for veterans in the field of start-ups. Statistics are disheartening no matter what is the reason for the failure of the company. According to Mr. Shikhar Ghoshe, an Assistant at Harvard Business School, there are 3 basic types of failure:

 1. 30%-40% of the companies fail, goes to the complete liquidation of all assets of the company and investors lose all the capital. 

 2. In 70%-80% non-fulfilment of expectations in return on investment. 

 3. A whopping 90%-95% of the companies does not populate the " the carefully prepared projection " of the future prosperity of the company.

Do you find it incredible? But it is so. But the bankruptcy of the company may not be taken as a catastrophe. Imagine, that according to the Shikhara Ghoshe in Silicon Valley it is even that your company went bankrupt, a sign of honour. Entrepreneurs are often mostly attend to their technology and ignore the other aspects of the business, including to create a high-quality and balanced plan and healthy financial Cash Flow. And healthy financial Cash Flow is crucial for company's lifetime.

And exactly to these techniques, and not only how to prepare high-quality and balanced business plan, we will have attend to on this sites.

 You can also be prepared by e-book "I do business. 3 Steps to success. " It will answer such questions as:

 How much do I actually sell?

  • How much do I have to sell to earn?
  • Which product makes me most profitable and which should I prefer to get rid of? (Attention! It's not as simple as it seems at first sight!)
  • What is the maximum discount I can afford to give my customers to keep making money?

And many other questions.